Bash Lion


Hi, I’m Bash Lion.  I promise I’m not going to eat you!  Instead, I’d much rather cuddle, spread love, and make you feel extra special.  My closest friends would say I’m very outgoing but also calm and approachable when it’s called for.  I do LOVE to eat.  Let’s be honest here, can anyone really say they don’t love to eat?  What’s your favorite food?  I’ll bet it is the same as mine.  Pretty please don’t ask to hear my roar, I am terrified of all loud noises (no matter where they come from).  So, the chances of hearing it from me are pretty slim.

My best friends are Poppy Rabbit and Ragz Puppy.  Are you ready to protect me from loud noises and my extensive list of allergies?  Oh, did I not mention that I am allergic to almost everything… I guess that is something we can talk about in person soon.


About Scrappies: We are stuffed toys that encourage and emphasize the importance of igniting a child’s creativity. We have been carefully designed using vivid colours, long floppy limbs, and a variety of super soft materials giving us the perfect balance for all of our friends to enjoy anywhere they play. We have all been beautifully embroidered, without the use of any plastic or removable parts making us safe for children of all ages. Our assortment of textures will catapult your child’s imagination as they include us in their daily activities.

We are made from new, super soft, polyester fabrics/materials.

Dimensions: 15″h x 5″d x 5.5″w

Weight: 160 grams

Cleaning: Hand wash and air dry



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