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Our Story
Our Story
What are Scrappies?

In a society where everyone is trying to act and look like everyone else, just to fit in, we built a brand that turns the idea of forcing yourself to fit in on its head.  We want to remind children, that it’s okay to let ALL of their imperfections shine through.  We are encouraging children everywhere that, just like us, it’s not what you look like that defines you… it’s who you are on the inside.  The Scrappies brand encourages and emphasizes the importance of igniting, nourishing, and accepting a child’s imagination, creativity, and most importantly being the truest version of themselves. Each plush toy has been carefully designed using vivid colours, long floppy limbs, and a variety of super soft materials giving them the perfect balance for everyone to enjoy.  The assortment of textures will catapult your child’s imagination taking them from ordinary and transforming them to the extraordinary person we know they are.

To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.

Why Scrappies?

After taking a long in-depth look at the plush toy market, we believed there was a gap.  We wanted to create a never-before-seen product, while ensuring it met the high standards of today’s shoppers.  From that analysis, the idea of Scrappies was born, a line of plush toys used to teach the importance of acceptance and imaginative play.  The hope was that our customers would not only be able to relate to the Scrappies’ design but also celebrate what makes everyone (including Scrappies) uniquely extraordinary.

Make the Ordinary
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