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We are stuffed toys that encourage and emphasize the importance of igniting a child’s creativity. We have been carefully designed using vivid colours, long floppy limbs, and a variety of super soft materials giving us the perfect balance for all of our friends to enjoy anywhere they play. We have all been beautifully embroidered, without the use of any plastic or removable parts making us safe for children of all ages. Our assortment of textures will catapult your child’s imagination as they include us in their daily activities.
See Extraordinary

in the ordinary

We are not your “typical” stuffed animal!  We’re colourful, floppy, and soft.  Our designs are wacky and fun, perfect to ignite your imagination.  We make an incredible addition to any adventure!

We're for kids

of all ages!

We are that thing that not only sparks, but also brings your creativity to life. The fun we can have together is endless.  We can’t wait to come play with you!

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